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GMP Custom Peptide Synthesis*

With over 25 years of unparalleled peptide manufacturing experience, AnaSpec is your trusted source of highly complex peptides.  With a focus on excellent customer service, we strive to exceed expectations by investing in ongoing development of proprietary chemistries that deliver only the highest quality peptides.

By extending our long-standing RUO custom peptide expertise to GMP Manufacturing, we combine innovation with GMP grade reproducibility, traceability, and consistency. We provide flexible batch sizes from small scale to large scale manufacturing including synthesis, purification, and lyophilization.

Production of our GMP peptides is performed in a highly controlled environment using qualified equipment and staff. We follow a full set of SOPs and thoroughly document each process in batch records that are archived for 5 years.

AnaSpec’s Quality Management system is ISO 9001 certified and compliant with 21 CFR parts 820 for medical device and IVD components.

*not to be used as an API in their current form


We are The
Peptides Engineers

All of our GMP peptides follow a stringent QC process. We systematically check the basic peptide properties such as identity, appearance and purity but we also offer a large range of validated QC methods including water content determination, endotoxin and bioburden measurement, solubility testing and residual water or counter-ion content, among others.

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A wide range of uses*



QC controls for API’s

Skin cosmetics

Ex-vivo cell therapy

Pre-clinical animal testing

Biomaterial peptide coatings

Diagnostic testing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing materials & precusors

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The only GMP beta-amyloid peptide
on the market


Our collection of catalog beta-Amyloïd peptides is one of the largest in the world.  By merging our vast expertise of peptide chemistries with our solid  background in quality systems , we are the first provider to deliver GMP grade beta-Amyloïd peptides to the market.

  • Added assurance for your high profile projects
  • Compliant with 21 CFR part 820 and ISO 13485
  • Manufactured in controlled areas under SOP’s, BR’s, with qualified equipment and staff
  • Lot to lot reproducibility, consistency, and traceability
  • Comprehensive QC testing and characterization


Testing of our GMP beta-Amyloid peptides goes beyond the standard Purity and Mass  spectrometry, by reporting results for Bioburden, Endotoxin, Monomer, and Peptide Content.

  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Peptide Purity
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Peptide Content
  • Endotoxin
  • Bioburden
  • Solubility
  • Monomer Content
  • Water Content

Product Informations


GMP Beta-Amyloid (1-40), human (Ammonium Salt)



Quantity: 1 mg

Quantity: 5 mg

Purity: ≥97.0%
Endotoxin: <0.05 EU/mg
Bioburden: <1 CFU/mg
Solubility: Aqueous media (see CoA)
Monomer Content: 100%





470 €
509 $

2234 €
2420 $


GMP beta-amyloid (1-42), Human (Ammonium Salt)



Quantity: 1 mg

Quantity: 5 mg

Purity: ≥97.0%
Endotoxin: <0.05 EU/mg
Bioburden: <1 CFU/mg
Solubility: Aqueous media (see CoA)
Monomer Content: ≥97.0%





698 €
756 $

3314 €
3590 $

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We offer expertise in peptides, detection reagents (dyes and quenchers), antibodies and assay kits. Our broad product line of catalog and custom biochemicals and reagents, are used by scientists for basic research, high-throughput screening, and drug discovery.

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